Let me help you build your technology behind your website or E commerce.

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What I Do

  • Working with Graphic, User Experience, or Web Designers to help ensure design ideas can be made into a website that is easy to use
  • Transforming design (sketches or wireframes for a website) into code that a web browser can read and display on your screen
  • Structuring a website so that it is easy to find through a search engine (this is part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO)
  • Developing websites that work and look good on any screen, from 24-inch computer monitors to five-inch smartphone screens (this is called responsive design)
  • Testing websites and fixing bugs or other issues

I Plan.

Spend the time to deeply understand
customers, and solve problems from
their perspective.

I Design.

Because front-end development is responsible for what you can see on a website, it’s often confused with web design. Although Front-End Developers don’t design websites, they are the link between design and technology that can turn an idea into an interactive web page.

I Code.

Engineers may either specialize in software development or computer hardware engineering. This includes computer programming or designing physical products.

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Christine Walters

My Story

Professional in Computer Systems Engineering, with absolute inclination towards the implementation of technology in the welfare of society and faithful follower of Web 2.0. Extensive experience in Hardware & Networks. Management of Multimedia Editing tools

Systems engineer capable of conceiving new alternatives efficiently and effectively to acquire new knowledge in the labor field in different functional areas, with the ability to develop any position in the field of technology, with excellent values such as honesty, honesty, responsibility, solidarity and respect for people. Ability to work as a team in decision-making and leadership capacity aimed at obtaining and maximizing excellent results